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  • I have been trading the forex markets live since April 2009, gone from system to system, along the way have learnt some good strategies, and employ them to this day very sucessfully. However I get so bombarded with other peoples systems/strategies like robots and signal services (by the way feels like jumping in front of a fast moving freight train) and forget what I was initially doing, realizing these are not for me and leave with loss of confidence and faith in myself. At the end of the day it all comes down to me. I have a system that is great actually , it does have its loosing times, hey what system doesn't. I am done with other peoples systems etc. The only way I am going to make it is to master my own system. I have created a trade plan and I am willing to not be attached to my account... even if it blows up... let it go, and just trade my plan...If I can do that, I know it will work.
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