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    What is a forex broker?

    Forex brokers are firms that provide traders with access to a platform that allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies.
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    Hunt for the Top Trading Players

    Thank you for this amazing article. This will help many people. It's very interesting and sad at the same time to read this
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    After Spike Trade Plans for Week 29, Jul 12 – Jul 18 2020

    May I know how can I make a use of it?
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    How is your experience with forex trading? Can it become a source of income

    Hi everyone I have a question which has already been asked before. Is forex trading worth it or it's just a waste of time.
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    the confusing world of trading

    I would suggest to choose a broker who have low spreads and swap charges as most traders lose their money in these both. Not only regulation is important but other trading conditions are most important to look for.
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    Minimum investment

    It really depends on the individual and his financial state. $100-$200 would be a good amount to start with and as the time passes, more investment could be made if there are chances of profits.
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    Demo trading for 6 months

    There's nothing like that some fixed time has to given to demo account learning.It completely depends on the intellect level of a person that how fast he can grab the knowledge and then try his hands on real account trading.