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    This is a great EA for long term investment purposes, my copy trades exactly as the owner's account!
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    TradingFXVPS | 4 Locations Data Center - EQUINIX | 50% Discount | Limited Period

    The discount price is only valid for the 1st month and not for the rest of the period. There is nowhere an indication of this condition, which make it a bit confusing. I nearly bought it but then saw it is only for 1 month!
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    Forex Trading Signal 05/02/08

    Video's not available The news trading video is not available, could you please check the link so that we can view it!! Thanks!:unhappy:
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    FloridaForex - Trade Journal updated daily.

    Common FloridaForex! We would really like to know what kind of "magic system" you have! Do you trade with Felix? This is just unreal!!!!
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    Forex Trading Signal 12/31/07

    News Can you please tell me where can we get the quickest results of the news outcome? I am new to forex and have no idea where to get it. Bloomberg seems to be very slow!
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    ATTEN-HUN!! All Recruits report immediately for a welcome message!!

    Hello Hello everybody! I have been trading stocks for about 4 years, am now touching forex but am dead scared! I want to learn here from you and I sincerely hope I will be successful from the help of Felix and all the members here. I live in South Africa, Cape Town. I trade on pure...