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    Does anyone know whatever happened to Hector?? His was one of the 1st courses I purchased many years ago & in my opinion, was best! Hector was an excellent Mentor, teacher & coach. He only ever delivered great substance never any time-wasting fluff! He had a great attitude towards the markets...
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    RESOLVED [Trader's Way] 3000€ Withdraw wire transfer scam

    Amazing, not one apology to Traders Way. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling them a scam & listing them in the scam thread! This was all your doing due to the fact that you didn't do a proper withdraw request. I've been trading via Traders Way for a few years & not once have I ever had...
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    Hello my name is John and I have a concern about TradersWay. Need advice

    So John, did everything work out ok for you? Are you still trading with TradersWay?
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    Beware! I believe this is the same Con that is running Secret Forex Decoder Club now. Beware.
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    Forex Signal (Tue, July 13 2010, 6:45pm NY Time EST) - NZ Retail Sales m/m

    Could be Many news traders subscribe to it.
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    European Forex Professional Weekly 2009-09-04

    Mr. Morten, Just a quick post to say that I really appreciate your European Forex Professional Weekly post! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recent posts & your insights in the European Forex Market & others. Once again.... Thank you for taking the time to come into the FPA...