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    Forex EUR/USD Daily Video, April 21, 2021

    Thanks Sive, great analysis. I am in at a good price on the AUDUSD and just waiting for the breakthrough of the 77 level. Hopefully the US session will bring the push through.
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    ‍☠️ Jolly Roger Signal ‍ Jolly Roger Signals Bay

    I am up 100% with Rogers Prime Covesting...I think I was one of the first that invested....Only small money but small can grow into big with Rogers trading... Thanks Roger.
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    ‍☠️ Jolly Roger Signal ‍ Jolly Roger Signals Bay

    I just downloaded it..It is FXChoice-Pro Demo
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    Forex GBP/USD Daily Video, July 03, 2020

    Hi Sive thanks for the videos as always great info...Just wanted to ask at the beginning you mention a website to visit but I can't quite make it out. Could you please type out for us please. Thanks J
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    Forex EUR/USD Daily Video, March 09 2020

    Hi Sive....this is not a bad link with some COVID-19 figures....
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    EUR/USD Daily Video, November 16, 2017

    always great analysis...thank you Sir
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    NZD/USD Daily Video, November 02, 2017

    Thanks Sive...GBP was a great trade...
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    NZD/USD Daily Video, November 02, 2017

    Hi Sive, what is the indicator with the channels you placed on the chart please. Trying to work it out myself. Thanks
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    Weekly Sive's sentiment index poll March 31-04 week 2014

    Just wanted say thanks to FPA, Sive and other forum contributors for the great analysis for the current and upcoming weeks. The info has helped me a lot with my trading and gain profits consistently which was a problem for me. Still early days for me but my confidence has grown and can see and...
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    Currency Strength and Weakness for Thursday 20th March 2014

    Hi Andrew, Just watched your latest chapter and sounds like you described part of my own trading journey. Great reminder of where I've been and where I plan to head. Since I've been reading your daily analysis and general direction suggestions ( 5 weeks) my account is 11% up with a 1 week...
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    Currency Strength and Weakness for Monday 3rd March 2014

    Hi Andrew Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you even though I am not a client of yours, I have been following your daily suggestions on FPA and using them to plan my trades. So far the past 2 weeks 4.17% and 2.2% return. Thanks for the email contacts with my questions and your Trading story has...