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    Did it duplicate the same trades? If yes, then it is good. Why didn't you like since the trading has been positive?
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    Does the trade copier duplicate the same trades as the showcase statement?
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    What trades these guys going to provide now that they were caught reselling signals without authorization? Yeap, they were retransmitting trades from and were cut off.
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    V9 Power = Martingale. Let's see how it will handle the next big moves of 300 pips.
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    GUILTY Case# 2012-014 | Falmi Dorlo vs

    The statement is an evidence against the trader because it is clearly NOT scalping. It is arbitrage. By the way, I think Synergyfx is a terrible broker. Nonetheless, let's not forget that arbitrage is a risk-free trade, which in the world of speculation risk-free is not permitted.
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    I hope someone who is using this will shed some light.
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    Kamuta, can you make the backtest available? As you say on your website: New adaptive algoritm was tested 2 years... Thanks
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    Szendro, I took another look on the trade ticket number order and I see now the discrepancies. I had never seen this before. 1) For example, trade 37150174 on 02/14 is only 15 units apart from trade on 02/09 (37150189). 2) Trade exit on 2012.02.03 23:58 price 76.2730 (according to broker chart...
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    Kamuta, that's interesting knowledge you have. Where do I look up the details you are referring to? Thanks
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    Comerro1, how do you know the signal site is down?
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    Hi Fxuma. Any update on your trades? Is it stand-alone EA or copier from server?
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    Vendor website says it has 5-year backtest, but no link is provided.
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    Szendro, I don't agree with what you are saying regarding the closed trades. I have been watching this statement over last three days. The open trades yesterday evolved from beginning of trend to the close while the trades were showing open all day. At least for trading activity on March 7 and...
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    similar to FGB This trading has some resemblance to the trades done by ForexGrowthBot.
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    currency cash machine

    Can WIA explain what is the guarantee that after 90 days it will still be possible to claim a refund? After 60 days it probably becomes harder to claim for a refund. After 90 days WIA may have taken out all the sales proceeds out of the account, the credit card won't have any way to honor the...