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    How to choose the foreign exchange broker that suits you?

    Actually, traders should point out only the most important features for them. As you have said leverages, deposit methods and so on so forth. My friends once told me that everything he wants to get from a broker is a platform and no more. He was really indifferent to other features such a...
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    Risk on / Risk off

    A risk-on environment describes when investors are willing to invest in higher-risk securities. They feel that corporate profits, economic outlook, accommodative central bank policies and other factors have created a positive environment for investors. While there is always an inherent risk in...
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    question- what are the things that a trader should never do?

    Absolutely, but anyway stop loss matters a lot in case we speak about not only new traders, but professional as well. No doubts, when you're already a professional trader you feel like you can capture the whole world, you feel superpower, nevertheless it's also a serious mistake. I personally...
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    Best trading strategies

    I do actually agree with you here as I personally think that supply and demand levels are the most reliable indicators in trading. Other indicators may just distract you and they won't allow you to concentrate on really important things that you need to pay your attention to.
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    An investment company is promising to grow my funds by managing my broker account - dangers?

    If I were in your shoes, I would definetely avoid working withthe organisations which ask my account's password. This kind of cooperation doesn't look credible to me. I would buy some fund or something like that, but giving my password to some people is definetely not safe. I think that it is...
  6. J (Warning - This broker earned a SCAM label)

    Media obeys the law of supply and demand too. People want to now more about Elon the Great, media supplies this demand, the more media writes about it, the better Tesla feels. I know there are trading algos that use webcrawlers to see the number of brands mentions. And they make trading...
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    Forex education

    There are so many different sources of information concerning trading forex however, not all of them deserve our trust. I believe that everyone should start with some educational materials which are free of charge. For example, you can start with forex military school which can be found in the...
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    The 1:10 leveragefor stocks is not that little. Don't you think so? I wouldn't dare using more than 1:2 for investment purposes.
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    Risk %

    Risk ration is quite an individual thing and every trader is to decide how much money they are ready to lose in every trade. As a rule, risk percent varies between 1% and 3%. Such a proportion is considered to be conservative enough to secure your budget from the losses cause by occasional...
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    What if I give my broker a fake Address?

    Giving your broker a fake a dress puts your trading account at risk of getting banned. It should understood that the brokers don't work in some countries not because of their personal wishes, but because of some regulations which they don't want to violate. All the decent brokers want to keep a...
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    One second charts

    I have no idea how you are going to trade within such tight timeframes. I mean that every tradinf decision needs to be planned and examined from different angles. Looking at one second charts, you'll have to make all of this routine within sheer seconds, otherwise, your predictions will become...
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    Forex Trading Scams You Should Avoid

    Unfortunately, there are some situations when traders have to face scammers in trading activity and often it's unavoidable. Scammers are in all spheres of our livelihood because it's their primary work which bring the money. Of course, it' illegal and something like that, nevertheless there are...
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    Looking to get more out of trading.

    Do you really think that it is necessary to you? I mean that in most of the cases the desire to devote more time to trading comes naturally witthout even thinking that you become more and more serious about that. I do feel that perhaps, you don't need to dwell into trading. If you still want to...
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    Newbie here.

    I think that the best option for you would be creating your own trading bot for your personal needs. I don't recommend buying trading bots from somebody else because of the fact that such thing will not give you the total control over the robots. That is why I always say that it is better to...
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    Bad habits of beginner traders.

    Rookies have their own bad habits, for example, rushing. It's the main bad habit because rookies are always sure that trading activity implies fast money and wealth. Nevertheless, the task of every professional trader is to explain them that trading is not about fast money at all. It requires...