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    This is the screenshot of the login page of Tradeinvest when I tried to login to my account held with them, and where from I got theft of 7000€
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    Update on may the first. Tried to log in Tradeinvest90, and it was impossible, got a message stating that my Country (Latvia) can't use that web site.... Still waiting to know how the report to Police is progressing (if). Sent several mails, but never got any answer. It is incredible how...
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    Hi, I have been scammed by the same person, Ben Goodman, or whichever his name is. After depositing, my money was driven in other, unwanted and not asked investment and disappeared with no reason or explaination. I started a chargeback with credit card company, but after two months my recovered...
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    Thanks robbitybob. I didn't use any chargeback Company, I did it myself with credit card company directly. Once I applied and I submitted all the documentation I had they started the procedure, and after few days the amount was recovered to my account, but blocked for 45 days. Then when my card...
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    Hi Robbytibob, I stlll have troubles with Tradeinvest90, they got back my chargeback request!! If I remember correctly, you mailed somone, the new owner I presume, and he helped you. Would you be so kind to give me details? Thanks!
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    Maybe Ben Uretsky is the nickname of Ben Goodman.... if this is the case, it could be a way to alledge him of all crimes committed frauding money to people. Let's check it out!
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    It is the game of the chinese boxes, all empty except the last one, which anyhow will not remain the last one for a long time. If you will follow the chain, I'm afraid you'll get lost. That is a matter for investigators.... and should you pass your findings to any Authority, they'll investigate...
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    You know, according to what a police officer reported to me, it is more than probable that all the Tradeinvest system is just a fake representation! There is nothing behind the curtain, just a bunch of guys that work to dteel people's money. Once you're inside, you're playing with a demo...
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    Hi robbitybob54, if you have deposited your investment cash via a credit card, you should file for a chargeback with your card company. For the remain, file a report to Police, also because that will help you with your chargeback request. Good luck.
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    Hi, let me tell you smthg worth regarding your position: Tradeinvest90 is an unlicensed trading platform, that meaning that all your investments, profits and losses are simply FAKES!! The platform on which you have been operating is a DEMO one, and all movements are simply a demonstration on the...
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    Scammed by TradeInvest90

    Hi, I did file for chargeback, but it was only few days ago. Upon news, I will post here.
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    7000€ gone missing with TradeInvest90

    I opened an account with TradeInvest90, and in three days I deposited 7000€. I got a telcon by Ben Goodman, trading agent in TradeInvest90, he drove my investment, so cleverly to reach in few days a loss of more than 800€, and then, they closed all the positions and my money disappeared...