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    My Fx Choice Stole My Funds of $1300 USD

    My issue was resolved a few days after I made this post.Thanks Angel from my Fx Choice for getting my funds back in my account..
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    My Fx Choice Stole My Funds of $1300 USD

    I requested a withdrawal of 1300$ on 06/04/2018. My withdrawal was deducted from my trading account on 06/06/2018.The withdrawal was showing completed by My Fx Choice.However my bank rejected the transfer and the funds were sent bank to My Fx Choices bank on 06/08/2018.The reason the money was...
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    My Funds still not released by

    I submitted a withdraw on 1/4/2018 for 4000$ and every since then this company has been giving me the run around.I never had any problem withdrawing smaller amounts under 1k.Its been two full weeks since my request and my money is still not in my bank account.I have contacted