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    How do you handle your losses?

    Losses can be different and they need different approaches, I guess. Some of the losses are caused by the accidential financial movements and there is nothing which can be done. However, there are also systematic errors which happen pretty regularly and bring about lots of losses. In such cases...
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    Overbought or Oversold

    I feel that all the indicators for overbought/oversold work pretty much the same way. I think that the question is how you use their signals in your trading in order to get profits.
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    Anyone heard of this EA?

    I am always skeptical about promoting articles about EAs. They look too good to be true.
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    Automatic trading with Forex Truck EA

    Do you really expect a free trading bot to trade? Come on, be realists!
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    Favourite Trading Indicators?

    I am pretty conservative about indicators and other tools which assist my trading. First of all, I try to concentrate on the price action. Many beginners use so many indicators and oscillators at a time that they cannot see the most objective indicator in trading, i.e. the prices. So, in the...
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    That is quite an individual matter. All the people are different and all the traders have different level of knowledge, skills and different risk tolerance. I feel fie with the leverage of 1:500 while some other traders claim that this leverage is too small. You should try it yourself and see...
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    I still have lots of doubts especially about dogecoin. I wouldn't think about investing in cryptos long-term, I can see this kind of financial instruments only for speculation and trading.
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    How to keep support, Resistance and Trend Lines on Mt5 Android?

    Oh man, I strongly recommend you to do the market analysis on the computer. You will get much more and precise information about the market situation. Personally, I use the mobile app in order to see my currently opened deals and that's it, but I make decisions after analyzing everything on my...
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    What is the best trade you have had.

    Wow, that looks really good. I can imagine the satisfaction youexperienced that time.
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    Does forex strategies usually work?

    Surely, trading strategies work, but it depends on the exact trading strategy at a given time. There are different strategies available online but not all of them deserve your trust. Many of them are just a trash. SUrely, you shouldn't try to implement them in real account as soon as possible...
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    Do you believe in using a Trading Plan?

    Trading plan is a must for every trader, I think. All the operations with money on the market should be sober and logical. I doubt that it is possible to make a logical decision without through planning because it requires some work to account all of the factors and work out some solution to...
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    HI Whats your best piece of advice to get trading

    I would like to attract everybody's attention to risk and money management. In most of the cases these things are underrated, but I feel that they can make your trading more consistent and stable. It is an open secret that markets are unpredictable and everything might happen in this or that...
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    What pairs do you usually trade ?

    I do totally agree with you, buddy. Exotic pairs look really temting, but I guess that fundamental analysis is of utmost importance not only to take profits, but at least to break even.
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    Check out my profit of over 100% on 10/14/11

    One more ultrasuccessful trading strategy which is able to bring millions of dollars per second has died. RIP
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    My tradinig bot and main principles

    Well, the preview of the video looks like it was created by illuminati. To take it seriously, I'd like to see the long term results of your bot. I mean that more often than not, trading bots are really good in the beginning, but when the time goes by, they start to fail and the mistakes are...