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    Scammed by TradeInvest90

    Just to say I've managed to get £120 back. Apparently, I lost the rest through trading and there was also an admin fee. I guess I should put it down to experience.
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    Scammed by TradeInvest90

    Thanks. I'll take your advice and take those steps. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever filed a chargeback request with their bank and managed to get a successful outcome if they've used a debit card?
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    Scammed by TradeInvest90

    Hi, I thought I was going to be buying Bitcoin via a social media advert by Crypterium that said I had a very limited amount of time in which to invest in Bitcoin and that the process was very simple. I was asked to pay up front. I tried to pay £50 but they said the minimum amount needed to...
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    I've no idea how to open a new thread on this. I was just responding in here as I noticed someone else had the same probem with the company I mentioned who are unlicensed and not regulated by the FRA or whatever the financial authority term is. If my comment isn't valid then please delete it...
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    I too have been scammed today by TradeInvest90. Has anyone had any luck in getting any money back? I lost £250 by the looks of it. Have reported them to Action Squad Team and awaiting response. I'm not sure my bank can do anything as I used a debit card and not a credit card. I have...