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    Golden Day Profit Kamyip Scam

    It was a huge pain dealing with HK Police. There were two banks in question and 3 accounts. Police told me I had 30 days to do the class action and after that the funds would be seized. They could not tell me the amount of funds either as far as I know could of been $10 and a class action could...
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    Sengela Trding Limited Scam

    your money was gone the moment you deposited it, it looked good on MT4. But that was bogus and they had a fake trading system and could program huge dumps in the market so your investment gets swallowed up But there was no investment you were just led to believe there was.
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    Golden Day Profit Kamyip Scam

    Not sure if this is still active forum, but I got taken by these guys a couple of years ago, lost about $50k USD. Went through with HK police which took a year and eventually they froze there accounts and told me there is one account with money in it but you have to launch a class action to...