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    Vantagemarkets evidence regarding their fraud

    That document is just a short legal summary. Evidence is generally in additional files. Contemplate how many thousand times we've seen someone say "I'm going to sue a company" vs the number of times we've seen proof that even a preliminary filing has taken place. These are so rare. Buy yes...
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    Probable Scam Linktradefx

    Ask her to prove who she is by appearing in video live (wearing as much as in the photos ;)). Of course, your computer's camera just broke yesterday. Basically, if you've got time, waste as much of her time as possible. Every minute of her's you tie up is one minute less for her to try to...
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    Tell us more about how you made you so much money? Where are you from? I'll even suspend my disbelief long enough to let you defend this OBVIOUS HYIP SCAM. BTW - Grab screenshots of the homepage before it changes. The contact email address is
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    HC Coins Scam (

    Anyone who could just reach in and "recover" your crypto could just reach and and steal as much crypto as they wanted. If it was that easy, crypto would have collapsed years ago. These people just hope you won't think it through. Then there will be some sort of fee to get your crypto...
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    How long it take you to trade and make money?

    If any broker wants you to make a deposit to open a demo account, find a different broker. If a broker doesn't offer a demo account, find a different broker.
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    What are the biggest accounts on myfxbook you know of?

    MyFxBook only shows what the broker shows. $1 in a cent account will look like $100. $1 in a 000 account will look like $1000. Plus, there are some very dishonest broker that will set up fake accounts on a "live" server. those accounts might show hundreds of thousands or even millions of...
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    That's exactly what the scammers hope you will think. If everyone rolls over and dies, then they can keep on scamming. Instead, report them to the police (and cyber-police if your country has one). Report them to and too. While you're at it, if there were any money...
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    Busted in the Baltics!

    The press release said: "promising lucrative investment opportunities. However, the investments in bitcoin, commodities and foreign currencies were all fake. " My best guess is that they probably had at least a few dozen disposable websites. These could have been fake brokers and/or various...
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    Unreasonable confiscation of 2/3 profits by CWG Markets

    @potatochips I do agree that an honest company should be willing to put all communications over disputes in writing. However, if it's legal to record phone calls where you are (check first), a recording of a dishonest company representative engaging in bribery, blackmail, or flat out threats...
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    Why Broker Manipulate Trades?

    1. If general forex brokers or even regulated brokers could take profit from spread, commission, swap and etc, why brokers need to manipulate chart for their trader like changing candle, requote, freeze accounts, and etc ? Cause the manipulation could make their image looks bad and down the...
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    Does anyone else find it odd that all the off-shore's websites are all the same?

    I've seen some sets of fake brokers for romance scams that are so alike they don't even bother to edit the company name in all the places. I've seen small groups of related brokers that used the same templates. Those either are really owned by the same person or else were likely to have been...
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    Han Global investing limited

    Whatever you do, don't waste time or effort on "recovery hackers." Those are just another breed of recovery room scammer. They may throw you a few scraps of info based on message headers at first, but sooner or later, there will be expenses. Instead, post all evidence here and also send it to...
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    Busted in the Baltics!

    Cops shoving guns in the faces of scammers. I could watch this over and over again for hours. :D Let me reinforce one of AsstMod's points: Fraud investigators don't have time to go out and randomly hunt for frauds. Instead, they rely on victims to alert them to the problem and to provide...
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    Wherever you are, file reports with and Report the license misuse to CySEC. If you are outside the US, you should try to file complaints with whatever government agency deals with cybercrime. How, when, and how much was each deposit to your wife's account and to your...
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    Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

    It depends on what type of scam you are trying to avoid. I've written articles that can help you avoid many of them. How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Forex Products How To Select A Forex Broker How Not To Lose All Your Money With A Forex Managed Account Ponzi Schemes And HYIPs -...