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    cent accounts

    I think you just did :) thanks :)
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    cent accounts

    I know of foreign brokers that accept U.S. Clients. I have I right now. But I am looking for a Americia based brokerages that have cent accounts. so I can base my account here in the U.S. not in a foreign country. do you know of any. or anybody reading this know of any??
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    cent accounts

    hello, I am looking to see if anyone knows of a U.S. based broker/s that offer cent accounts? I know the leverage is less here in the U.S. , but with a combo of a cent account it would be a great option I think. thanks for your input :)
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    EA Wizard Special Offer

    Can this program create indicators also and then use them in the programing of your ea like the one already installed in Metatrader? Thanks, brian
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    what setting I have Tom's EA version 1.83. It was sent to me free as a Beta tester. which I never get those types of things ever. LOL In the set up video it says to attach it to 1 Min. charts only, you say you have yours on the hourly. Don't you get a warning that your on the wrong...
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    FX Ultratrend

    what I found out about FX ultra indicator hello everyone , I bought the FX ultra trend and in the ad in makes it out to be a indicator that was made over the many months and after extensive research the maker came out with this system, blah, blah,blah... . If you test the ready made EA's...