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    Welcome Andrew! Our newest Giant!

    Welcome Andrew. Being put on par with Sive speaks volumes. Glad to have you. Ernest
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    NEW!!! UNIQUE Sentiment Based ANALYTICAL and TRADING service

    With so much that Sive has done for us it would be totally stupid not to participate. Ernest
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    New Live Currency Quotes Tool. Any more suggestions?

    May I suggest a simple listing of the session time open and closes. Like UK, Asia and America.
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    FOREX PRO Weekly December 26-30, 2011

    Hi Sive, Ernest here. Just want to thank you and all at FPA for this wonderful year of great analysis and education. May I also wish you all and your families a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Ernest
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    Alpari UK and Spreads

    Alpari UK Spreads Thank you for your input. An very intelligent question eloquently put. I am certain if I submit this question to Alpari UK I will get all sorts of other ......................
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    Alpari UK and Spreads

    Alpari UK Spreads Thank you for your input. If only they so on their website. Or even answer a simple question with a simple answer. You would expect nothing less from anybody unless they have something to hide. The correspondence quoted in my first post above says it all.
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    Alpari UK and Spreads

    Alpari UK and Spreads I do believe that this is a SCAM of ongoing proportions. However I stand to be corrected. It all started when a good friend of mine suggested that Alpari UK is charging spread at both ends of a transaction. A transaction by my definition is a Buy and Sell of the...
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    FOREX PRO Weekly September 12-16, 2011

    Let me give it another try He certainly sees much more then any of us. However having been following his reports since inception I think I can at least try to explain his train of thought as opposed to what he sees. Sive prepare his weekly reports for Monthly, Weekly etc. So you can...
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    FOREX PRO Weekly September 12-16, 2011

    May I dare to answer. Georgeta. Name is Ernest I am from Malta and have been following Sive since the very beginning. Let me try to answer your questions. 1. I suggest first of all your read the e book which Sive is building for us all in this same site. He covers the aspect of Fib...
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    FOREX PRO Weekly August 15-19, 2011

    Could never stop being fascinated by this analysis Hi Sive, Ernest again. We learn from each sentence of your analysis and it is an education in itself. Compound it with your Military School Lessons and you will make professional traders from all of us who want to learn. Meantime I want...
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    FOREX PRO Weekly August 08-12, 2011

    Monthly Expansion Level Thanks Sive. Problem was with my data. A variance of more then 20 pips on two points out of three. It could be that this never happened to me before because last month ended on a Sunday and Alpari UK do not provide Sunday Data. In any event thanks found the...
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    FOREX PRO Weekly August 08-12, 2011

    Calculation of 1.5081 in Monthly Hi Sive, Ernest here. I am quoting a bit of yur monthly analysis. Nearest target stands at 1.5081 – just above the previous highs – this is 0.618 extension from most recent AB-CD pattern. Cannot understand how you obtained this figure. I am using the...
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    Stavro D’Amore | Forex Trading Signals Explained

    Welcome Stavro and thanks Henry Quite honestly when I read the intro e mail from Felix I thought that this was going to be an additional service. "After the Spike" News Trading. I did not expect that the Signals from Henry would be replaced. Then I saw the reply from Henry wishing Stavro...
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    Euro Forex Pro Weekly, September 06-10, 2010

    Helping Out Sive, I would like to help out as much as I can. With your permission and the people at FPA I would wish to be able to answer some of the questions which are posted to you. I am not talking about the heavy technical stuff. But mostly those which arise from people not...
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    Euro Forex Pro Weekly, September 06-10, 2010

    Manificent Hi Sive, I said it on your very first post (even though I did not understand most of it - certainly not your fault) that you are the greatest. Very humbly and in a very nice way you told me off. Well, at the risk of being told off again. You are the greatest, my man...