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    Tallinex not processing withdrawals

    And how, exactly, do you propose that be done that when we have no estimate of when the issue will be resolved since those creating the problems (banks) are not under our control? Do you happen to own a bank? If so, provide Tallinex with stable, functional banking facilities and the issue will...
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    Tallinex doesn't process withdrawals

    Norbert - quite why you have emailed our support team and asked us to discuss, in your words, "this threat" eludes us. Furthermore, your use of terms such as "victim" and "deceived" in your above statement are, quite frankly, retarded. All relevant details regarding the current situation are...
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    Tallinex scam company

    Please refer to the notice in your back-office.
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    As explained to you at the time, we were right in the middle of changing banking facilities, but your withdrawal would have been completed extremely quickly had you not behaved so rashly. Many, many withdrawals have been processed since our change of banking, and yours would have been one of them.
  5. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    As should be clear to the viewing public, you make up your own "facts" as you go along... in reality, the initial stages of requests are automated so no human sees the lower status levels unless an issue is identified. Further to the comment above (which you will doubtless contradict based...
  6. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    I quite understand your motives, but it would not be right to post information related to a client unless the client brought it up or requested it. Clearly, if el23876 wants to post that information then that is his privilege.
  7. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    The system attempts to return funds to the original source (Skrill, in your case), but since Skrill is no longer available, the destination is manually changed during withdrawal processing to state "wired" and, quite clearly, those details have not changed for days (as evidenced by the timestamp...
  8. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    Sorry - it is not your account or your withdrawal.
  9. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    Yes - it is a screenshot from our site, but is outdated, and quite typical of the misinformation that you have repeatedly chosen to publish here as part of your childish quest to discredit Tallinex! The image below is what your back-office actually shows:
  10. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    Sadly, this person wants to do nothing but cause drama and make mountains out of mole hills, so there has never been any case to answer. We are well aware that Skrill transactions are instantaneous... but we do not use Skrill, which is why the withdrawal funds were sent by bank transfer to the...
  11. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    No-one has posted "fake replies", so that's a particularly stupid comment to make! No - we never received your withdrawal request - you created a request via our back-office... a totally different thing No-one "froze" your funds - they were always there and could have been processed quickly...
  12. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    The funds were never "frozen" - it is, sadly, just a fact of life that certain people prefer to cause problems for no good reason, and the person who began this thread is a perfect example of that. To put everything into the open, there was an error in our back-office which failed to flag his...
  13. Tallinex doesn't withdraw deposit

    Support aims to reply to all emails, but since email is inherently problematic due to the amount of spam filtering, etc. in operation, there will always be instances where an incoming or outgoing email goes astray. For that reason, we provide secure internal mail within your back-office as a...
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    Tallinex is scamer (

    No - Tallinex did not request the thread be hidden, but we are naturally disappointed that such a defamatory and vindictive post was allowed in the first place and consider it a sad indictment of the FPA environment in general.
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    If you have questions regarding the message displayed then please email info at tallinex dot com for details