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    GUILTY Case# 2011-058 | The Hornet vs

    Contract Attached is the contract that some of you have requested to see before casting your vote. Regards, The Hornet
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    GUILTY Case# 2011-058 | The Hornet vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: On 05/26/11 I signed a 24 month contract with Apple Investment Company (AIC) guaranteeing that over a 24 month period AIC FX Caibre Trading Platform would produce an average...
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    Refund Hell Like many others I have been trying to reclaim my initial investment after being mislead and deceived by AIC. After 13 months of trading I've lost $5000.00 and AIC expects me to continue trading for a full 24 months before they will consider refunding my initial investment of...
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    Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd

    Since signing up with Apple Investment Company last May I have lost over $5000.00 after being guaranteed an average return of 13% per month over a 24 month period. After 13 months of using there FX Calibre Software in which I purchased for $15,800.00 I have had a continual loss each month and...