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    Wrong Mindset

    Totally agreed!
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    What free educational resources do you use to learn trading?

    I learn through School of pipsology on babypips and videos on youtube.
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    Bad habits of beginner traders.

    The bad habits which beginners have is coming without knowledge, overtrading and taking emotional decisions.
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    Hello from everyone from Cyprus

    Hey all, how is your trading journey going on?
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    Forex education

    This will really help all the newbies here!
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    Losses are part of trading

    I agree with this, losses occur in order to remind us that we need to improvise our area in which we are lacking.
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    Trading forex

    Highly agreed on this!
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    Hello Newbie

    Don't worry, you will slowly excel here too, just be consistent in learning.
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    Hello Peace Army Traders

    Hey everyone! How are you all doing?
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    The Reason Why Traders Lose?

    This is really something which everyone should understand.
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    Where to start?

    According to me, for your initial start school of babypips is one of the best mediums to learn forex trading.
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    Hello Newbie

    Hello! How are you all doing?
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    Music to hear while trading? (if any)

    I prefer to listen to flute music while trading.
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    newbie mistakes

    The most common mistake which newbies make is not understanding the market and trading without any sufficient knowledge.
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    Yeah, exactly we are here to help each other only.