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    Conspiracy Theory - Hotforex Scammed me $14770.25 - Because I gave myself a margin call

    Dear Ed Forex, As you are well aware, please note that your complaint has been fully investigated and replied to in numerous occasions. In fact we have sent you 2 responses from our execution department but for some reason you fail to understand basic logic. For the sake of transparency we...
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    HotForex | Update following the SNB CHF Cap Reversal: January 16 2014

    Dear Clients, Following the Swiss National Bank’s decision yesterday to remove the Swiss Franc cap and the subsequent spike in volatility, the market experienced a period of extreme lack of liquidity for trading in CHF pairs. This led to significant losses for many market participants. We...
  3. Venelin_HotForex é scam, não coloque seu dinheiro nesse "esquemão".

    Dear adefr and all FPA users, I want to make a clear statement that HF Markets Ltd. (HotForex) is not connected, nor affiliated with FormulaFx in any matter. A while ago this company copied our license and placed it on their website, but forgot to remove our company name from it. Since then...
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    Resolved - Hot forex Another Huge mistake COST ME losing my acount!! Again!!

    Dear comingbacksoon, Firstly we would like to thank you for highlighting the issue you faced while contacting your support agents. We would like to inform you that we have located your account number accordingly and our team is now investigating your issue in details. You will be contacted...
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    Resolved - hot forex is a big time cheater

    Dear nazimuddin, We would like to inform you that further to your latest post our team has reviewed your case once again and performed an in-depth impartial investigation throughout the relevant transactions. Our investigation highlighted that our system detected a shortfall on your account...
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    Resolved - hot forex is a big time cheater

    Dear nazimuddin we would like thank you for finally providing your account number which has allowed us to locate your account accordingly, we apologize for the misunderstanding above. First we would like to start by clarifying that according to the screenshot you provided above it is clear that...
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    Resolved - hot forex is a big time cheater

    Hello nazimuddin, Please inform us who are you and what is your account number since we have found that the account shown on the images is not you and not even reside in your country(Bangladesh shown on your FPA profile). Please ask the account holder to contact us as we will reply to the...
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    Unsupported - POSSIBLY FAKE COMPLAINT - Dont Post against Hotforex & instaforex they will disable ac

    Dear moneyforexboy, Unfortunately I don't see an issue like the one you mention in your review and in the FPA forum in our system. Please provide me with your account number and the full communication with the company, so I can check it. Kind Regards, Venelin Videnov Official HotForex...
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    Dear Sir, Please note that we disclose all performance statistics including the Equity and the Floating P&L on the respective statistics page. For example if you go to the page link you have submitted you can see the following information: Floating P/L -4842.55 Equity $5421.14 We...
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    Hotforex scammed me !

    Dear FXEnjoyment, Most probably you also had a deposit made with a credit/debit card and that is the reason. Please send me your wallet number to, so I can check and find a quick resolution for you. Thank you! Kind Regards, Venelin Videnov
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    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    Dear newmember007, I wasn't online here, but you can always contact me via email which I prefer, because you can reach me directly and I read my emails 24/7/365. As we agreed I have done my best and the company showed a good will refunding one of the transactions as we agreed and its in the...
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    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    Hello, I sent you a PM. Waiting for your reply. Kind Regards, Venelin Videnov
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    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    Dear newmember007, Please send me an email with your account number to so I can take a look at your case and see if I can help you with it.\ Kind Regards, Venelin Videnov
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    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    Dear Amir, I just came into the office and asked the IT department to reset your wallet. According to them you should be able to login now. Please confirm if its working or not. As of your email that you cannot access your wallet - it was sent on the 24th of May and my post above is on the...
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    RESOLVED - HotForex issue

    Hello FearlessVampire, I'm glad that the issue was resolved! I would like to propose to everyone who has an issue or questions to check first with our departments (support, backoffice, execution), because sometimes we might miss someone's post here. If you have any questions or need help...