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    Binary Matrix Pro

    Should report Banc De Binary as an accomplice in BMP scam !!!!
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    Is a ripoff/scam?

    Thanks Romeo & Pharaoh....I will do what as per advised by both of you..That guy named Glenn from MT5-EA has threatened me before about releasing my personal particulars if i proceed in highlighting my problems and their dubious activities in forex sites. It really pisses me off, it is bad for...
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    Is a ripoff/scam?

    I received an emails from MT5-Ea saying my account has been blocked and that i was reported to my authorities for abuse with all my personal particulars for view...How can a scammer and a cheat like Glenn (mt5-EA) are allowed to operate their scam activities and threaten innocent person like me...
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    Forex Signal (Friday April 6, 2012 - 8:30am EDT) - US NFP Employment Change

    Im abit confused by your analysis , (1) TRIGGER WE NEED : BUY 265K (Deviation-60) & SELL 145K (Deviation -60) (2) About our Triggers: If the US NFP Employment number comes out at +265 or more, the EUR/USD should go down by about 40 pips. We are using a deviation of +60 for the short. .If it...
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    Is a ripoff/scam?

    I will just do that. I can't just let these guy, Glenn keep continuing cheating others. Please spread the word around, MT5-EA IS A BIG SCAMMER!.....
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    Is a ripoff/scam?

    You are right. How come they are allowed to get away with pirated EAs stolen from other legitimate vendors?...Im abit surprised no one have reported them before and my search on them did not have any negative feedback.
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    Is a ripoff/scam?

    Mt5-ea offered so call popular EAs for a small 'DONATIONS'. From their website i was convinced by the positive feedback and comment made by their members. So i decided to buy (donate) USD169 for Scalping FX robots, When i can't install the Ea i emails them asking for assistance. They only...
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    Forex Pip Finder - RED ALERT! RED ALERT! RED ALERT!

    I believe these people behind Forex Pip Finder and now doing the same thing with a new products Forex Achiever. In the webinar this guy was prompting how he make money from forex and built a dream home for his girlfriend. He show mt4 live account with deposit of USD2k into USD1million+. But when...
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    Do not buy jason fielder products

    I thought that Jason Fielder is a reputable person because i have so many email sent to me promoting his latest system ARBITRAGE by Alberto Pau, Markus Heikkoetter, Dustin Pass, Camillia Lindberg and many more...I always trusted those people because i thought that they are credible...So sad they...
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    RESOLVED Case# 2011-080 | Alexander Godwin Ekpa vs

    What can you say...A reputable or honest brokers would NEVER have such clause...Indirectly Masterforex use those terms to 'cheat' clients' money!...I will definitely warn ALL traders to stay away from MASTERFOREX!
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    GUILTY Case# 2011-071 | Amran Sulaiman vs

    There is no reasons why a broker delay or ignore a request for withdrawal...I would rate Premierfx as an untrustworthy broker and stay away from them!
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    Ghost Trader Scam

    It has the same style of 'UPSELL' scam marketing like PIP CHOAS & PIPS MUTIPLIER...You should lodge complain to Plimus about this scam and unethical vendors selling through them..:hissyfit:
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    GUILTY Case# 2011-064 | Celina Salim vs

    GUILTY! A broker that 'delay' or ignore withdrawal request without proper explanations and worst still that do not response to email , live chat are mostly scam....But i do hope that you can recover your money!
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    Karl Dittman and Plimus

    Most system sold by Karl Dittman are useless especially ForexMagic Trade...Stay away from him...And i will be very careful to purchase from Plimus because most of scam products are been sold through them!:hissyfit: