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    Poor Money Management.

    Certainly poor money management is one of the main culprit for the traders to lose their hard earned money to the forex market. We should always plan at return on the long term, instead of having thoughts of making money quickly only to lose it all at the end because of poor money management.
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    Min size of lots

    Yes you can trade with lot size lesser than 1. Always the lot size should be based on the money present in the trading account such that traders can be able to include proper money and risk management.
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    Affiliate Benifits

    Affiliate program if includes the trading analysis and signals may be they get the signals for trading. But again depends on the traders if they wish to share those analysis with other traders. However, trading on your own analysis is always the best on long term.
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    It's a New Week!

    A new week and the new price movements are always exciting for the traders with the new opportunities and trading directions being set in at the starting of the week and if in right direction reaping good number of pips is always possible.
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    a weird thing

    If we are concerned about the money that we have invested in the forex brokers, then certainly choosing the regulated forex brokerage firms is helpful and protective for our trading investment. Do not risk the hard earned money with the bucket shop brokerage firms.
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    Does my PC need to be open to trigger Take Profit? And more...

    I used to use it in the initial stages of trading. But now with experience to a certain extent i do place SL with BE or at some profit level which i feel is ideal to reap from the market, so that maximum profit can be taken from that particular trade.
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    Does my PC need to be open to trigger Take Profit? And more...

    True, setting up the take profit once will be helpful irrespective of being in the trading platform or not. If the market prices reach that level certainly the TP or SL will be triggered. It is an essential part of money and risk management.
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    Is Forex A Scam?

    Forex market itself is certainly not a scam. But there are scam fund managers and brokerage firms which will cheat you of your money. Hence, be very careful while dealing with fund managers always look for the regulated firms for investing your hard earned money.
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    Do you think forex is money factory

    Well forex is certainly money factory for the ones who are very much dedicated and self disciplined while trading which takes utmost effort and only very few traders can achieve this goal.
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    What are your favourite Currency Pairs to trade?

    My favorite currency pairs are GBP/USD and GBP/JPY, i mostly trade in these currency pairs. Quite recently i am also very much fascinated trading USD/ZAR because of its huge volatility.
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    What did you trade for ?

    I had started forex trading business for some extra money and want to make it my full time business in the near future. It is a good source of income if one is with good risk and money management.
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    Trading For Living

    This is a very mind awakening question which all full time traders will for surely consider before venturing into the forex trading business full time. I have seen few traders myself trading this way by leaving behind the social barriers and considering their main desire.
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    Favourite Trading Indicators?

    I like using ichimoku, one of the oldest indicators. It is quite tricky to understand at the beginning, but once you get to know that the indicators are only the second vision to the market you can definitely understand their working. Price action certainly is the primary consideration.
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    Forex Signal Service

    There is no fool proof strategy or trading signal service, thus try anything only on the amount that which you can afford to lose. Trusting others trading signal is quite not helpful on the long run.
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    Does my PC need to be open to trigger Take Profit? And more...

    To answer all your questions : - 1. No your PC and MT4 need not to be open to trigger Take Profit. 2. How long you would want to keep your trades open depends on you and your trading strategy, there is absolutely no problem provided you dont have any :D. Based on the currency pair there may be...