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Business Ethics Metaphysical Coaching

ForexPeaceArmy is creating here an opportunity to participate in an unique business ethics metaphysical coaching programme, letting you pledge to do your business to the highest ethical standards.

No laws without morality can endure and no legal provision can be implemented without moral consciousness.

Our integrity precedes us and affects our daily interactions and exchanges.

We can identify three main areas in our lives where acting with integrity is crucial – the greatest challenge for forsaking as well as the greatest opportunity for building our integrity: our interactions with family & friends; our attitude toward money; our professional commitment toward others.


• Why ethics matters in foreign exchange currency market?
• What is the role and the meaning of money in our life?
• Why are we dishonest?
• The concept of trust.
• Business, ethics and profit – are they compatible?
• What are the most important values in our lives? What would we pay for, what would we sacrifice for, suffer for and die for? What would we stand up for?

Honesty and integrity pledge: Don't lie; don't mislead; don't steal; if you give a promise - honour it; if you give your word - keep it; if you make a commitment – fulfil it.

It sounds very simple – the complexity lies here in details.


It is commonly thought that ethics is an abstract subject, whereby abstracts do not enjoy much popularity among business entrepreneurs and are being oftentimes dismissed as irrelevant without delving much into the logic of the same.

Ethics is perceived as a grey area with no correct answers – disputable, questionable and debatable. It is hard, sometimes, to indicate here any bottom line.

Ethics is a very subjective and personal matter – our perception and principles derive predominantly from the culture, tradition, religion and notions of morality we have been growing up and were brought up into.

Another problem with raising business ethics topics is that ethics, being mostly about beliefs and values one holds dear, is also a highly sensitive matter; subject to discussions which might awaken feelings of resentment, unease, impression of being under a personal attack.

Also, oftentimes ethics is considered the highest objective for those who are unethical, just like a medicine is useful for those who are sick.

Yet, despite all the above mentioned reasons – or maybe, indeed, because of them - it is important to take up the challenge which gives us the opportunity to raise to the next level in our business undertakings and life endeavours.


  • Why should we live an ethical life or conduct our business ethically?
  • Why should we care about values, be honest, honour promises and respect commitments?
  • What is the role and meaning of money in our life?
  • What is actually at the foundation of our morality; is it our fear of jail or hell or is it our attraction to rewards or to heaven?
  • Is the concept of business, ethics and profit compatible?


ForexPeaceArmy is creating here an opportunity to participate in an unique business ethics metaphysical coaching programme, letting you pledge to do your business to the highest ethical standards.
This pledge and the seal will be displayed in FPA review system allowing you to attract more customers.

Ethical practices and behaviours, trust, integrity and reputation are factors which have an impact on how well a company will perform in the long term.

By doing this we are making an attempt to help you running your business knowing with absolute certainty both - what's better for the company and what is also right.

Ethics is not always a matter of bad people doing bad things – it is, most of the times, about good people who stumble involuntarily into wrongdoing.

Anna Barchetti Durisch
- FPA Business Ethics Coach

Ready to take your business to the next level? Please get in touch with us ethics [at] forexpeacearmy.com


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