Dmitri Chavkerov - Forex Peace Army CEO

Dmitri Chavkerov is a Russian-born foreign exchange trader and entrepreneur, currently residing in North Port, Florida, United States. He is best known for founding one of the largest foreign exchange review websites and information portals in the world Forex Peace Army, which also investigates and exposes scams in the foreign exchange industry.


Dmitri began his entrepreneurial career in 1998 by buying closeout merchandise for pennies on a dollar, and reselling it on ebay.

In 2000, Dmitri partnered with Alexander Drannikov, former President of largest Russian construction company StroiMaterial, and together they started their own brand of porcelain dolls DANEA, and boxing equipment DAN, which they sold via US trade shows, their own website, and ebay. The company had a warehouse in Montebello, California.

In 2003, Dmitri partnered with Mickey Bale, and Glenn Pennock, former founder of one of the first and largest web design companies in Europe. Together, they started Pennock Microsystems, which built custom-based web browsers for large corporations. Eventually Pennock Microsystems moved from the US to Holland, and Dmitri exited the partnership, for the reasons of not wanting to relocate from the US to Holland.

In 2004, Dmitri partnered with Michael Street of Street Inc., a California-based real estate holding company with more than 100 properties under its roof. After buying and selling several properties under 50/50 partnership with Street Inc., Dmitri ended the partnership due to lack of joy and passion in dealing in real estate.

In 2005, Dmitri started first foreign exchange reviews website in the world, which eventually became one of the largest and most reputable forex portals in the world

In 2006, Dmitri launched, a popular forex education website where Dmitri shared his own forex trading entries and exits, realizing a total return of more than 100% in one year.

In 2007, Dmitri received official offer to manage $500 million inside of Kingz Fund under 20% performance fee, which he refused. Same year, Dmitri also received two private offers, each offering him to manage $100 million of private equity, which he also refused.

In 2009, Dmitri Chavkerov appeared as main guest on 4 episodes of Russian TV program Spiritual Diplomacy. He has also been quoted in many financial publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Boston Globe, and many others.

Consulting and Other Projects

Chavkerov currently trades and invests his own capital, offers private investment consulting sessions to high net worth individuals and trading companies, and acts as CEO of

Controversies and Criticisms

In 2006, Dmitri’s girlfriend Yuliya Kalinina was involved in green card sham marriage. With Dmitri’s consent, she registered him as California-ordained minister, and he signed her marriage certificate. Although Yuliya and her husband were eventually investigated and imprisoned, Dmitri was not touched, because California-ordained ministers are allowed to conduct marriages of convenience, thus Dmitri did not break any laws. Yuliya broke the law when she used this marriage of convenience certificate to file for green card, which is a federal document.

Between 2006 and 2015, some companies that have either received unfavorable reviews or were proclaimed as scam on have created hate pages and blogs against and Dmitri.


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