1. Scam Reporters

    Problem Exposing PrestigeFM, 10Brokers, 10Markets, CFDS100, XLRtrade, GlobalFXM,ToptradeFM, RoyaltradeFM, AlphacapitalFM, MRTMarkets et all

    Hi everyone. Above mentioned scams are already exposed to some extent, this is an attempt to get an overall look, from perspective of a currently existing and operational legal entity (call-center/boiler-room/tied agent/introducer/call-it-what-you-want company) Pls see below more detailed info...
  2. OneTwoThree

    10Markets.com delaying withdrawal of 15100.94 GBP from 20/12/2016

    Jan 24, 2017 Hello everyone. I'm having an issue with my withdrawal from 20/12/2016. So far I have received 250 GBP only. 10Markets are refusing to pay remaining balance of 15100.94 GBP on my account. After contacting 10Markets on Live Chat I have been told that my account is under...
  3. A

    Discuss 10Markets.com

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  4. L

    Money held by 10Markets

    Hi, I've been trying to withdraw my money from 10 markets but have been rejected numerous times. They have been getting their " account managers" to call me to keep making new trades each time I request for a withdrawal. More recently they are simply ignoring my withdrawal request. Anyone...
  5. M

    10 Markets

    What a horrible experience with 10 markets..Stay away........started in February with $500USD I was very quickly talked into another $2000.00USD. I then I had a life changing car accident and requested my money back because i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade. I was then talked...
  6. M

    withdraw problem with 10 market

    I have make the withdraw for more than three weeks this people tell me they have already send money to my account but i fact the cash is not there if i contact them they say am no longer their client there is nothing they can do.