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    23Traders is a group of scammers

    23 Traders pestered me and frustrated me with fears that they were on the verge of losing my money through trades if I did not double my deposits in order to hedge my earlier trades which they instigated. Finally, when they got me some winning trades and i requested for a withdrawal of £5000 of...
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    Forex Army, I need your help! I'm a Canadian journalist working on a story on binary options. We are trying to contact "Julian Wellington" of 23Traders. If you have any information about who he may be, please contact me. All tips will be kept anonymous. jessicactvw5@gmail.com
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    23 Traders Scam

    Back in June i opened my account with 23 Traders based out of London. On the begging things were sort of going ok. I invested 5k. When sending email or asking my broker questions via skype i had difficult time getting answer. Than my broker Nena Leon ( if that was her real name ) asked me that...