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    Fuaadhh 24hrtrading.academy is RUBBISH!

    Fuadhs course is not worth the money. His course is not helpful and this is the biggest Loss that i have ever made. The after care for his course is unhelpful as he only chooses who he wants to mentor and only hires his friends to be apart of the team who arent even educated in the fx market...
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    24hrTradingAcademy @fuaadhh is a SCAM ARTIST!

    Fuaadh also going by the name Mohammad Fuaadh the owner of 24hrTradingAcademy: 24hrtrading.academy company number 10509291 is the biggest scam artist to come up in the Forex industry. Not only has Fuaadhh scammed me of my hard earned money Fuaadh also removed my review on Trustpilot. Alongside a...