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    Dear All, My experience with 24Option (Rodeler Limited) has totally wrecked my life and I want to be able to warn others to be careful of such fraudulent companies in the future. Starting trade on the platform in 2018, the recordings and correspondences can clearly show that I received...
  2. B

    24options withdrawal problems

    24options refuses to pay me, because i used a trading robot..... please is that possible or 24options are just trying to scam me.
  3. D

    24option.com Scams by their Senior Account Manager Calls

    Hi, I'm new to FPA don't really know how it works. the reason i have been here is that i got scammed by Sorin S Senior Account Manager of 24Option. after coming to this forum and doing a bit of research work on FPA, i did realized that its the old way of scamming people by them. i'm going...
  4. D

    Problem 24 option Rodeler limited

    Please need help with any info of your dealings with this company.
  5. D

    24 Option Rodeler Limited scam

    Hello my story... was cold called in October invested the minimum of £250 got an account manager call ”Sara” (I’ve never done trading before knew nothing about it plus I have a mental health condition) it all went ok so I was pushed to invest more I didn’t want to invest too much. Anyway then...
  6. L

    Scammed by 24option- Any help please

    EVENTS 1. Mentioned no trading expereince was given answers to put in and immediately upgraded to an advanced professional account 2. Senior manager called, I mentioned I have limited funds said it was ok 3. Full details were taken about salry, job, savings and I informed I was not wealthy...
  7. M

    24Option (24Affiliates) Manager Accidentially Admits the Scam and Document Leaks

    Let me get straight to the point... I tried to become affiliate partner with 24Options (24Affiliates), after few inquires the affiliate manager "Daphne S" started to admit that 24option is cheating and conducting frauds with clients and affiliates. Never replied after knowing she caught red...
  8. siepic

    24Option.com - only loss

    BITTE vermeidet 24Option.com Diese gehört zu Rodeler LTD auf Zypern und Riechfield LTD auf Belize Ich habe sehr viel Geld innerhalb 3 Monaten von 01.2017 bis 04.2017 durch 24Option.com verloren. Seither versuche ich mein Geld zurück zu bekommen. Nach Kontoeröffnung wurde man sofort von...
  9. mkossinski

    24 OPTION withdrawal decline

    I am pretty disappointed about this scam website. First when I signed up I asked the 24option account manager who called me to open the account if they have swap / overnight fees and he told me they dont. So I asked him if the spread is the only thing that I would have to pay and he confirmed...
  10. D

    24Option scam company (Rodeler Limited brand)

    Since July 2015 I started working with the investment firm Rodeler Limited. After creating an account I was assigned to an account manager. He told me that depending on my success as an investor he earns commissions. The names of these so-called account managers are Joe Davis and Kyri Kyriacou...
  11. T

    24 options / LM Swiss Forex scamm

  12. T

    24 Option

    Hello guys, anything I should be aware of before funding with 24 option?
  13. D

    24Options a Scam

    I've opened an account with 24options with $400 initially, then I received a call from an account manager who stalked me to deposit more money and convinced me that GBPUSD will move 2400 pips down and if I open 100lots with $100000 I can make more than million in very short time. I've informed...
  14. M

    Sam Man's syneergefxfree #ROCKINGITMS MA managed account blew

    The Facebook signal group Sam Man's syneergefxfree #ROCKINGITMS MA managed account blew my money in two months, "broker price manipulation" account at 24options.com a known scammer. So syneergefxfree is endorsing scam brokers. The signals of Sam Man Asian session and Daley Reece London session...
  15. David Reynolds

    Binary Options signals - Really Spam from Israel for 24Option

    Hey everyone, I am new here and looking for binary options signals. Would really love to get some help as I saw there are many signals providers out there. Thanks in advance, David
  16. H

    GUILTY Case# 2016-166 | hailg vs 24option.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.24option.com My Case is: So this is my story. Stupid 0: I opened an account with 24option around Jun 20, 2016. Stupid 1; Totally I have deposited 55K into 24option. Before making deposits, I've googled about them...
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    ich habe eine Legende im Anhang geschickt. Da 24option ja bei CySEC reguliert ist, muß doch 24option alle Telefonate aufgezeichnet haben. Seit 12 Monaten ist mein fall bei CySEC und 10 Monate beim Ombudsmann.Die Bearbeiterin hat gesagt, das die Telefonate nicht abgehört werden, sondern nur...
  18. H

    24option.com - They will never let you go with your money.

    Hi guys, So this is my story. Stupid 0: I opened an account with 24option around Jun 20, 2016. Stupid 1; Totally I have deposited 55K into 24option. Before making deposits, I've googled about them but can't find any bad reviews. I found out our forum just yesterday night, :(. In the next...
  19. S

    Resolved - 24 option withdrawal issue

    Is anyone here still with 24option and having withdrawal problems? I have yet to see funds in my bank account even they have made an approval of my withdrawal on the 31st of august 2016. Rodeler contacted me on the 12th of Sept saying my withdrawal is in process and i have sent them a few...
  20. R

    fraud scheme in 24option

    The 24option sends to customers Vip forecasts of its analysts by phone of the most important news of the market between them the most volatile and expected of all "NFP". they report that its analysts did not err NFP predictions followed 2years and encourage giving examples of entries with very...