1. J


    been scam by this broker stay away from them ,they do not return my money ,now not even bother to reply to my e-mails they are defenatley scamers when you open a trade they will mouve the feed 15 and even 30 pips against your trade , how can we stop and were to report brokers like that...
  2. M

    SCAM 2pipsforex.com (Global Clearing Group LTD)

    I was scam to broker 2pipsforex.com (Global Clearing Group LTD) . I have to pay a deposit for a professional account . They took me my money, manipulation under two incorrect order . Breaking the opening price by 15 pips per second Price spike-stud and return to the price to stop loss BEGIN few...
  3. M

    2pipsforex scam - After depositing USD2000, I lost it within a couple of seconds.

    After depositing USD2000 I lost it within a couple of seconds. 2pipsforex (Global Clearing Group Ltd.) are EXTREMELY aggressive stop loss hunters, price manipulators, trade-freezers, and they have a rude support staff. I got scammed by 2pipsforex.com. DO NOT open a live account! I bought an...
  4. jalves10

    http://www.2pipsforex.com/ GCG - manipulates prices - Scam

    Tenho um robô escalpelamento definido para TP = 2 e Parar = 5 Demonstração em todas as ordens foram respeitados conta, mais conta real houve manipulação, por que não respeitam as configurações de EA. Os valores foram muito mais elevada do que a configuração do EA como imagens abaixo. e tomaram...