1. K

    31 fx trade with a pro

    Hi I have been scammed by 31 fx just wondering if anyone else has had problems with this outfit , to anyone else reading this beware of a guy calling himself Josh Wellner he tells lies to get you to put in more cash then wont let you make withdrawals just the normal routine that appears to keep...
  2. F

    31FX Scam warning!!!

    I received a call from 31FX selling their forex services and product. Same old story that we have a FX expert who can help you achieve a lot of profit etc. I asked her if they are registered with FCA and she said YES!!! I asked her for registration number and then she said we have legal...
  3. Nigel Crawford

    Is 31-Fx a scam

    i oppened a trading account With 31-FX 500 euro to start Then 2000 euro Then 2500 euro a total 5000euro Had a agrement with broker That i could draw 200 euro Each month to pay my credit Card . On 25/05/2018 i ask The broker Josh wellner for 500 euro not a problem his reply Still waiting for...