1. PipInfuse

    Problem Filing an official Dispute against MAG Markets-White Label of 4XC (previously 4XCube) with BaFin, AMF and CySec

    MAG Markets LLC, a white label Forex Broker platform of 4XC owes us and one of our associate trader partner, a sum 0f above $38000 in total in commissions since the month of March 2022. We were assured the payment several times last year by the CEO of MAG Markets, Michael Lachner, however after...
  2. P

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT-4XC securities fraud https://4xcube.comDirectors Joao Monteiro, John Goddard, Joao Severino of 8topuz, Cyprus. https://8topuz.com

    Mag Markets Review: 4XC securities fraud clone scheme https://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/mag-markets-review-4xc-securities-fraud-clone-scheme/ Sep.20, 2021 in MLM Reviews mag-markets-logo.webp Mag Markets provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company. Mag...
  3. Gio64

    Multis complaining: 4XCube scam my fund with ridicolous explanation

    I open an account on 4XCube broker and after regular verification, I fund the account with 500$. I trade on this account and reach profit with scalper Ea( Allowed from the broker ) for 3.450.84$, Get withdrawal for 2450$ without issue. Today receive a letter from the compliance said my account...