1. W

    "No-risk contract"

    I've signed "No-risk contract" on 4XP broker. They've prepared so shrewdy acc. for this contract (so big margin, and other parameter's), that it was no chance to trade succesful. When I confirm circumstances, I determine fill up obligatory number of trades, and to withdrawn my depo. But it...
  2. P

    4xp.com takes your money little by little

    I wanted to tell you how some brokers cheat you in little amounts, but in my opinion they should not get away with that. Firstly, they are cheating mostly people who probably do not have a lot of money to begin with so this small amounts could mean no Christmas gift for a child this year...
  3. A

    4xp.com they blocked my account

    4xp.com ForexPlace All problems can be solved... best regards
  4. S

    4XP - Algo Trade

    Ive just logged on to my mt4 4xp account and to my surprise the account has changed to AlgoTrade-main server the funds are still reflecting, just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this development. Thanks Dave
  5. G


    what is going on at 4xp I cant get hold of them but my platform is still working and updating. :mad:
  6. S

    Traders scammed by brokers, legal help for you available.

    Hi, I have been scammed by 4xP and Youtradefx and I'm in contact with an expert in the markets who can help scammed traders through a group of lawyers already prepared on this matter. There is no money to pay at the beginning, 12% is asked when you receive the money back. If you are interested...
  7. Master Yoda

    4xp Shut Down? Sure Seems So

    4XP shut down? Sure seems so - Forex | News | Regulated | FX Brokers | Binary Options | LeapRate - Forex Industry News Another chapter of this wonderful wonderful company Please support 4xp nomination here...
  8. D

    4Xp deposit acknowledgment and withdrawal request

    I reviewed 4Xp website and saw no indication of not accepting US accounts. They indicate a doubling of deposit. I downloaded deposit info and wired $5000 on Sept 30, 2013. On checking further I found they do not accept US accounts and I have since sent e mails, chats and withdrawal requests...
  9. aries_p

    4XP - scam?

    4XP - scam? Ciao, lasso di tempo maggio-giugno ho fatto bonifico TBC Bank - Georgia a favore di conti di intermediazione 4XP da CARIPARMA - Italia e da OEC - Stati Uniti d'America. Nonostante la piattaforma di 4XP sembra ancora in esecuzione, mi rendo conto ora che 4XP si trova ad affrontare...
  10. H

    Let's do class action lawsuit in 4xp!

    I want the money back from 4XP. But, 4XP do not return my money. I, until it get the money back, I will not give up. So, I want to litigation valid. In civil litigation and criminal litigation, I, wins 4XP. You even do not participate in the class action lawsuit with me? Legal fees...
  11. Mohsen Jamshidi

    Help me to get back my money from 4XP

    Dear FOREX PEACE ARMY I have more than 100,000$ in this scam broker with total deposit 40,000$ I sent compliant to arbitrage.webmoney team to get back my initial deposit from this company I sent compliant to their regulator 2 months ago but their regulator is scam also I thinks their...
  12. O

    4xp under cease order from FSC British Virgin Isles

    Do not deposit any funds with 4xp. I was issued with the following statement from 4xp as a reason for not complying with my withdrawal request. Dear valuable client, Forex Place Limited (the "Company"), hereby notify you as follows: The Company has received an immediate and surprising...
  13. Master Yoda

    4XP=FXTG=SkyFX: The Proofs

    As you all aware the FPA has have found the broker 4xp Scam following 7 verdicts (!!!) and following the failure of 4xp to pay customers their money, in other words: 4xp are thieves. I have made an investigation and have found a direct and disturbing connection between the above mentioned (4xp...
  14. Scam Investigations Committee

    4XP, What Went Wrong With Your Company?

    4XP What went wrong with your company? There are 2 usual ways for a broker to earn a scam finding. The first is to slowly mistreat trader after trader until the FPA has no choice but to give a scam finding. This sometimes involved delaying payments, but usually just enough traders get paid...
  15. Scam Investigations Committee


    FPA Scam Finding against 4XP.com We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that... 4XP used to be active in the FPA's forums and reviews. Thus resulted in...
  16. L

    4xp forex place for my withdrawal very big problem

    In July i requested the withdrawal of 1.700,00 dollars from my account. After my request, i have called many time 4XP ITALIA and i spoken with Jacky Barilla, Marco Felici, Laura Ferri e Sara Ferrari. Each of them promised me that my request would have been processed in a few days. Marco...
  17. balayogi

    4xp.com bogus withdrawal system

    I have been dealing with 4xp for a few months now and i can safely say they are a bogus scamming company! I tried withdrawing my profits - 6000 USD - but as usual they never seem to uphold their commitment. Even when i call them, they put me on hold and eventually cut the call. when i try to...
  18. I

    GUILTY Case# 2013-127 | isabela85 vs www.4xp.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4xp.com My Case is: My name is Isabela Drobota and I have account number 3058490 with 4XP. My IB (fxrebate.eu) had an agreement with 4XP ( I have all the e-mails prooving that) that for their promotion of 100%...
  19. B

    4xp is not releasing my money withdrawal

    Hi Everyone, My withdrawal is still not processed. As it was requested on 29 Aug, it is already about 5 weeks from then. Account: 3048466 Amount: USD4,400.00 My account manager is Sarah Key and she told me "The bank account you have invested in has been frozen (many accounts for...
  20. V

    GUILTY Case# 2013-126 | Vincenzo De Camillis vs www.4XP.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4XP.com My Case is: I'm Italian trader and 2 years ago i opened an account on 4XP (n. 3002251). In the beginning i've sent 2.000 euro and after one year 10.000 euro. At 14 may 2013, in my account there were...