1. V

    Be careful with www.4xp.com

    Past one week I am facing problem with 4xp. Whenever my position showing profit, 4xp server hangs and suddenly the signal stops. Inspite of repeated request, finally they accepted the fact that their server is down. 4 opportunities I booked either loss or small profit of 1 pip, in place of...
  2. Louis Visser

    Beware: 4xp.com is a scam!

    Hello, Last week I saw an advert by a "company" called 4xp.com claiming a $500 joining bonus just for "signing up" So I went to The Site And Signed Up. Guess What... No Bonus. Not only that I was promised by my account manager if I make a deposit of Higher than $250 I would get a 15% bonus...
  3. N

    RESOLVED - 4XP failure to provide account withdrawal

    I have a forex trading account with 4XP. I attempted to withdraw all the funds from my account as I rarely used it. There were no trades active at the time. The following sequence of events details the problem. Oct 22, 2012 : Email acknowledgement received after online withdrawal to credit...
  4. S

    4xp richiesta ritiro

    4xp richiesta ritiro buongiorno. ho chiesto giorni il ritiro di parte dei mie soldi depositati presso la 4xp. dal momento della richiesta il mio account manager sara ferrari e sparita e non risponde più ne in chat e nemmeno per email. quindi ho mandato una mail al sig Barilla il quale mi ha...
  5. M

    4xp totally fraud

    4xp totally fraud 4XP is totally a FRAUD!!!!!!!! I requested a 1000 euro withdrawal on september 20 and still haven't received my money (today is October 15) Account manager , named Costa, told me about many and many "problems" regarding the withdrawal process, and he did since half of...
  6. R

    4xp.com (Forex Place)

    about 4xp.com 4xp - forex place these company are scam our what?