5 stars forex

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    attention to all traders - 5StarsForex.com

    STARSFOREX.COM is a scam DO NOT open account with them they will steal all your money and they will never answer you back my name is petros achilleos i open account with them i request withdraw and they simply disappear with my money i lost 1500 euro i report this to police in cyprus and we...
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    5 Stars forex SCAM. they theft my money

    1. I start trade with the broker from 25/01/2016 to 29/01/2016. i made deposite 500 $ got boouns 250 $ and i made profite 200 $ . but in friday evening i just opened my account and i saw all the trades on 28/01 and 29/01 is canceled 2. I asked them for back my deposite and pay me the profite...
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    I am submitting the case against: www.5starsforex.com

    Мой случай: я открыл счет с 5StarsForex 8 месяцев назад. Я хранение всего $ 250, я не прошу бонуса, и депозит через Skrіll. Мой менеджер Джордж Майкл, позвонил несколько раз на мобильный, рассказывает о преимуществах (в их числе: нет ограничений по времени позиций, низкий спред, быстрое...
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    5Starsforex, IvanKabinov, cheat trader and refuse to pay back

    I has some issure with 5starsforex, I make an withdraw request since 27Nov2015, up to now, I receive nothing. I has 2 account one equity more than 7000 (Balance: 7 313.17 Equity: 7 313.17 Free Margin: 7 313.17), and one more than 13000 (Balance: 13 138.46 Equity: 13...
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    5starsforex scammed me. Not possibile to receive back my initial deposit!

    I opened and account 112428 and deposited 1000$. After 3 weeks I treid to withdwrawal but the Sales Manager Mr. Ivan Kabinov and customer support Alexandra, that looks the same person started to find excuse and excuse and excuse to do not provide me back also just my initial deposit.
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    5Starsforex withdrawal problem

    I invested $500 in this broker at 16.6.2015. My account number is 109785. I requested to withdraw at 02.07.2015, but they have been excused for four month. They have been said " there is no problem your request will be done" . for example they said " you have to trade 10 lot to withdraw, , I...
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    5starsforex SCAM!

    I would like to warn you about 5starsforex.com. They made a lot of advertising and have a lot of good review but after I made payment they completely disapeared. No Homepage, No Mail, no Phone!
  8. Q

    5Starsforex withdrawal problem

    I opened an account with 5StarsForex over 2 months ago. I deposited total $2000 on it and got $1000 bonus. The chat support tell me withdrawal by Skrill is INSTALL ,they tell me if withdraw only profit they don't remove bonus. I withdrawn 2 times. First time, I withdrawn $1000 in profit. After...
  9. treaz

    My 5Starsforex withdrawal problem

    5starsforex is broker scam i trade with normal trade and high profit they not pay profit and not pay my deposit.,., they not want comeback my deposit.,.,