1. M

    Help me get my money back from 53Option (SCAM Company)

    One of the worst traders. Its a total scam. I was contacted by Lady Broker named Richel Jones. She initially insisted me to invest $500.After lot of thinking I invested US$500. Then on the website 53option.com, I could see more money getting deposited in my account. On enquiry she said she is...
  2. K

    53 option scam

    good evening! My name is Klaus Dutra Molina. I'm Brazilian. I received a phone call from 53 option on September from a broker named Eveline Velton, questioning about trading. I decided and made a first deposit of US250.00. During the moths she increased the balance to US544.00 and I made a...
  3. M

    53 option

    I was first contacted buy a broker called TJ Castro who had asked to open account on they website www.53option.com and I have invested total of 22300 pounds on www.53option.comfirst I invested 300 pounds then profit was going higher so I invested another 2000 and then I invested 5200 via card...
  4. zahidch


    I joined here new.my broker call me you invest money 250$,I make profit 17% pr weak.I invest 500$ here 53option.com.my balance reach 1850$.I send cash withdrawal one week before but my broker after not contact me and no make successfully complete my cash withdrawal request.you chek my bank...