5stars forex

  1. F

    Scammer Samir Beool and 5stars forex

    Hello everybody it's my first post here and I just want to put very important information about very big scammer everybody knows that Samir Beool is the owner of Capital One Forex but not everybody knows that 5Stars Forex belong to him! 5starsforex.com using another name Jason Please everybody...
  2. P

    5star is sacm NOt giving withdrwal

    I deposited 6500 USD with this broker as per they mentioned on there website ( allowed all EA ) i traded with them zero second scalper after make make good profit they said that our lp is not allowed us and removed all profit order ( not Negative order ) after contacting with them they adjust...
  3. pravinforever1

    5star is sacm NOt giving withdrwal to my clients

    please stay away scam broker 5star