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    72option.com Scam

    Hi Guys, i have made a detailed review 2 months back regarding 72option.com when i got scammed with large amount money. i haven't posted a thread about it yet until now. Anyway 72option did not respond to my emails and they blocked me from entering there sight. They are few people were in...
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    72 option

    These guys are 100% scammers. They have stolen £33000 from me and now do not reply to my calls or emails. Even though my account has over £100,000 of their fake money in it they will not let me withdraw a penny. I was lied to from the beginning and they are not regulated so have no ability to...
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    Scammed by 72Option, need help

    I as scammed by 72Option, Please help! After registering a binary trading account with 72option, I initiated a deposit the minimum account requirement of USD250 upon a call from the company representative who claimed in email that 72option is a broker. After that I kept receiving calls from...