aa options

  1. M

    Scammed By CFDstockscom

    I am not very sure how things work with this kind of thing. I was coerced over a few weeks in August by a very clever trickster working for CFDstocks.com they also used the name AAoptions. As a result and also due to having a sever hearing loss from an illness I have had for a while now. I am...
  2. B

    AA Options

    I have been scammed by these people! I have invested $1000 USD in two deposits, have spoken to various people at AA Options about my account over the last few months, like Adam Stern. I had various Emails sent to me about more information with regards to 'Verification' of my deposits as I had...
  3. S

    AAoption don't process withdrawal request

    AAoption.com is a scam. 3 Weeks ago I submited a withdrawal request, but they dont do anything about it. I have called them severall times over the last week and talked to someone who coulden't answer me and they said that my account manager would call me, but that has not happend. No when I...
  4. G

    Aaoption hedge fund

    I was scammed by Adam ansari and James Patmore lots of documentation not sure what I'm supposed to do
  5. lizardroid68

    AAoption ignores to give my money back, help!

    In january 7 2016, I decided to start making some transactions with a new company. I make some research (Not a very good research indeed) to see if AAoption was a good company. I didnt found anything suspicious, so I decided to make a deposit of 250 euros, after that they call me and asked me...
  6. S

    AAoptions SCAM (yes, THOSE guys again)

    Hi Good people of FPA community! Bit of a long one folks- but if you have dealings with AAoption or if you feel you may ben able to help me in my plight you may wish to read on. So I am in a bit of a state in my dealings with AAoptions. I'm sure you guessed it, yes, sigh, they are holding my...
  7. A


    I have made a significant profit using the AAOptions trading platform but now I am struggling to get an answer from them in relation to withdrawal. I contact them at least 2/3 times a week and they always ask me for stuff I have already sent. My recent two emails were asking them to clarify if...