1. A

    International AAAFX

    They are the most bad company i had ever seen
  2. H

    AAAFX.COM stealing money

    they are stealing money with either one of two ways... or at least with me... they either block you from depositing so you cannot fund your account then face a stop out and this caused me a loss of over 300 USD and it had been more than a week i am trying to know why i cannot deposit without any...
  3. O

    AAAFX, "shady" meddling in account when winning.

    hello, I have been trading with for a while now and i have blown my account many times. They have allowed hedging,scalping etc without issue but in march, i deposited £500 and made a winning up to over £1300. The problem begins on april 1st. I opened high leverage sell xau/usd...
  4. R

    AAAFX cheated on margin call

    As per AAAFX margin call rule, they will closed all open positions when margin level drop to 70% and you will have remaining 70% amount of used margin in your account. When I received margin call on 15th March 2011, all my open positions were closed but my balance was ended in negative amount. I...
  5. P cheating customers by using Margin Calls

    This broker have a policy of closing all open trades in ones account when the A/C goes into a Margin Call. I dont think this is fair as other brokers simply close the offending trades one at a time until the margin comes back into regular levels. With the current situation in the FX market and...
  6. Dr.amr4ever

    Zulutrade Affiliates scam

    Dear Trades, I have opened affiliate account with zulutrade ( then referred my friend to them and he started trading i got commission of 244 USD then requested payment on 1/11/2015 -- 1st/November/2015. According to their affiliate guide payment process should take about...
  7. T

    AAAFX Warning! questions about regulation claims and requests for money before approving accounts

    My experience so far, and red flags the aaafx website and online chat agent have raised. aaafx please clarify. I went to open an account with filling everything out and eagerly uploading my documents right away. But a week and a half later, they still haven't looked at the documents...
  8. F

    AAAFX is a BIG SCAM - Don't Trade With Them

    Hi All ! I have experienced my MT4 being locked 4 times. This morning, they locked it again and when I contacted them, they said we are fixing it. The trade was in 16 pips profit and their representative said you can close the trade and ask for refund. I closed the trade in loss and when I...
  9. M


    Ok here we go. I made a deposit with aaafx in February of about $900 after trading ended up with $565 in june so i decide to withdraw funds. when I went to withdraw they told me i had to fill out the bank form to withdraw via wire transfer. So i did and made the withdraw. Here's when the...
  10. F

    ZuluTrade and AAAFx is scam

    I just set up and account with AAAFx and link it to ZuluTrade for auto-trading to follow their signal provide. One day I saw three trades open with about 60pips profit each, then I click the update button the three trades all disappear without a trace left in the history. I call up the online...
  11. K

    Zulutrade/AAAFX is a scam

    I deposited money with AAAFX in order to trade with Zulutrade - the two of them seem to be the same company. The signals I had chosen from Zulutrade did not perform on my live account so I decided to withdraw my funds. AAAFX refused to refund the funds to the credit card that I used to deposit...
  12. A


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