abandoned issue

  1. O

    ABANDONED - scam and hacked by Exness company

    Hello, please help me, I have been set up for a scam and hacked by Exness company
  2. Ppforextrader

    ABANDONED - Octafx's dirty tricks to keep your money.

    Account # : 46456602 Type : live MT5 On 13/06/2022 I created a request for withdrawal of 15$ , and thoroughly followed up on the request as I've had issues with the withdrawal process before. Initially they promised to process the request within 3 hours of creating it, so I followed up after 3...
  3. M

    Abandoned - Blueberry Markets - spread widening manipulation

    Hello, I deposited £10k funds into a Blueberry Markets MT4 account via VISA debit card. In June last year. Whenever I placed trades, they’d go against me by a fair bit even though the markets were moving in the direction required. To mitigate the losses, I’d eventually stop the trades. I was...
  4. savagetrader

    Abandoned - Tradersway Stole $2470 from me

    On Thursday 09-24-2020 I tried to log into my trading accounts from my phone but couldnt. So I went to my pc and the mt4 said invalid account. Then I noticed one of my accounts had no money in them. This is a bot account that may get one or 2 trades per week so I have no reason to move funds...
  5. Saiful

    Abandoned - CircleMarkets.com - Big scam

    CircleMarkets.com scammed me USD 712. I had a balance of USD 993 in my trading account (100XXX2). I made a withdraw. They only processed 281. I contacted, they replied there was an error on their platform on the swap rate, that is why they simply deducted USD 712 from my account. Can you...
  6. D

    Problem Abandoned - Liteforex closed accounts! Can't access 680000 USD !!!

    The biggest scam in FOREX market! It is also the largest amount of money rejected to withdraw!www.liteforex.com, which claims to be a company supervised by Cyprus. We made the first deposit of 50000USD on 23rd March, and then we found that the transaction conditions were not good, so we...
  7. J

    Abandoned - octafx ib comissions not paid

    hello , i have an ib account in octafx.com and having 3 active clients . they have traded under my ib accounts around 79 usd comissions generated in the last week and when i have requested for the withdrawl they rejected . also they have seized my ib accounts and those three clients remove...