account management

  1. MisterGrail999

    Services Offered Professional forex account management services

    We provide professional services of managing forex trading accounts Renewed site. Renewed trading conditions. Renewed trading statistics. Full video overview of our service: Renewed site presentation Below are our trading results, in which you will invest your capital If you need more...
  2. A

    Regulated Accounts Management

    Any one Knows a Trusted Account management ?
  3. L

    Scammed by Telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)

    I was scammed by the telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal ( and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)on 20 Oct 2020. They offer paid VIP signal, account management, Forex trading Course and Investment plans. All chats with them and screen shots have been posted. Should you required any...
  4. Jony A

    New Hope EA

    Hello! I bought a New Hope EA advisor. I want to share the result. These are old accounts where this adviser worked, a little later I will post fresh reports. 17828 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 45954 USD MT4 17829 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 15129 USD MT4 17799...
  5. H

    Good account management and signals providers

    Hi everybody I am sorry if I start a topic that already exists on this site, but after many hours I didn't manage to find it, so here comes... Is there a thread with some good experiences with account management or trading signals? Most of us that are interested in those things need that info...
  6. F

    I would like to delete one. I have 2 accounts and receive 2 newsletters.

    Hello to those who can help me, I thank you in advance. I registered on the site by creating an account with an email. Then I was going to change emails but I didn't do it because of laziness and I created a second account. Now I find myself having 2 accounts with 2 different emails and getting...
  7. S

    Does anyone know of cryptocurrency or forex account managers who can help you trade?

    Hi, I've been on FPA for a while but haven't learned to trade because I'm not sure my brain can carry all the information you guys have to take in. Since I joined, I've been in between jobs, relocated to a new country and taking a plethora of exams. So, learning trading right now isn't an...
  8. B


    Hello everybody! I need a trader to close a lock on my real account. Features are Pair - EURUSD, Balance – 7579 euro, Floating loss – 2615 euro, Leverage 1:500 Broker - Alpari NZ Position size - 0.84 Account Number -64113 Invest password - Hfnjr111115 Server - Alpari-Standard1...