account management

  1. Jony A

    New Hope EA

    Hello! I bought a New Hope EA advisor. I want to share the result. These are old accounts where this adviser worked, a little later I will post fresh reports. 17828 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 45954 USD MT4 17829 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 15129 USD MT4 17799...
  2. H

    Good account management and signals providers

    Hi everybody I am sorry if I start a topic that already exists on this site, but after many hours I didn't manage to find it, so here comes... Is there a thread with some good experiences with account management or trading signals? Most of us that are interested in those things need that info...
  3. F

    I would like to delete one. I have 2 accounts and receive 2 newsletters.

    Hello to those who can help me, I thank you in advance. I registered on the site by creating an account with an email. Then I was going to change emails but I didn't do it because of laziness and I created a second account. Now I find myself having 2 accounts with 2 different emails and getting...
  4. S

    Does anyone know of cryptocurrency or forex account managers who can help you trade?

    Hi, I've been on FPA for a while but haven't learned to trade because I'm not sure my brain can carry all the information you guys have to take in. Since I joined, I've been in between jobs, relocated to a new country and taking a plethora of exams. So, learning trading right now isn't an...
  5. B


    Hello everybody! I need a trader to close a lock on my real account. Features are Pair - EURUSD, Balance – 7579 euro, Floating loss – 2615 euro, Leverage 1:500 Broker - Alpari NZ Position size - 0.84 Account Number -64113 Invest password - Hfnjr111115 Server - Alpari-Standard1...