1. George Mcall

    ACM (Swissquote) Deducting International Withholding Tax

    I have just had deducted from my account moneys representing 'International Withholding Tax'. It represents about 10% of the balance. To quote FXCM 'Trade Forex, Metals, Oil, and Stock Indices tax-free* with FXCM LTD. by opening a Spread Betting account. Spread Betting accounts operate...
  2. C

    Acm Usa

    The following statement is fact. I had a corporate account with ACM USA. On 8 January 2009 they closed my account and one open trade, a EUR USD short I had opened on a swing basis at a loss of almost $ 3,000. ACM USA state they are not responsible for my losses and refuse to reimburse...