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    profits cancellation by

    I had a trading account with ActiveTrades Bahamas number 915494. Few days ago I have received an email from the company that my account blocked due abusive trading and violation of a client agreement in point 9.14. This point is bellow: We do not permit the use of the Online Facility for...
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    Active Trade is a scam!!! Very late execution!!!

    Dear FPA, please help me!!! My case is very simple and straight forward, I placed and order, and ActiveTrades fulfill the order after 61 seconds, causing me a loss of more than $900. I do accept A delay of 2-5 seconds, but more than 60 seconds?! The broker was suppose to re quote after 5...
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    ActiveTrade and Signal Provider commission

    Would like some take on this. My signal provider is recommending I switch my brokerage a/c to ActivTrade (UK) so I can establish an Interbank a/c and they can trade directly on my a/c without me running a VPS for my MetaTrader 4 platform as I do now. But my signal provider also states and I...