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    ActiveTrades profits cancelled. Worst experience ever is to be scammed.

    This has been the worst experience ever with a forex broker in many years. I’ll show you why ACTIVETRADES.COM IS A SCAM. I’ve traded for 4 months using a MT5 account under the Bahamas regulator. Everything seemed to be fine, i also managed to make a profit of something like 2,5K, not a lot but...
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    Dear all, here my experience (copied and pasted exactly what i've written on the feedback left that i suppose will be published in few days). I've traded with a MT4 account and after that with a MT5 account with this broker from indicativelly 8 months. Everything was fine...from withdrawal of...
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    تجربتي مع شركه اكتيف ActivTrades

    تجربتي مع شركه اكتيف ActivTrades والمستندات موجوده عندي واحكموا بانفسكم في البداية فتحت حساب حقيقي بهم برقم 000000000- في شركة ActivTrades وتواصلت مع الدعم الفني المقترحت رافعه من 1 إلى 400 ووافق على الدعم - وبعدما أودعت المبلغ عن طريق بنك الانماء حواله طالبت حساب اسلامي واعطوني حساب غير...
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    Activtrades delays (and slips) all my trade orders

    In 1 year i was able to profit 10.000 € circa from the forex market out of a deposit of 40.000 circa. When i decided to withdrawl almost all the money, i noticed that since than my trading strategy with the remaing money i left to the broker was not profitable like before - so i started to check...
  5. R

    Activtrades canceled trades after i made profit

    Activtrades wrote me an E-Mail yesterday after a good trading session that they will cancel my orders where i made profit "because they were opened on a manifest error which affected the prices of FX pairs". ------ Dear XXX YYY, Please note that the following order numbers have been cancelled...
  6. M

    ActivTrades PLC deleting profitable trades

    I have been with ActivTrades for about 9 months. It took a while to discover that they are playing the game of being an honest and reliable broker, while in fact they're white board criminals. The reason is that at a certain point I entered a (live) trade and made a nice profit. Several...
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    ActivTrades Broker Scam?

    Hi, I have problems with Activtrades(ActivTrades - Forex, CFD, Futures. MT4 and MT5. No Commissions) regards to hedging. They suddenly, after a while, went stopped out by what I believe is the server failure to update in real-time. There is no swap involved and what could possibly affect the...
  8. M

    Activtrades abusively closed orders

    Their sistem closed 2 of my open orders at 00.00 (market open) on 28.03.2011 and it shouldn't have. Stop out is 30%. My Margin Level was then 59.9% Loss: 805 $ After spending 7 hours chatting with their support, they keep trying to convince me the margin level was below stop-out...
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