1. T

    New Forex Stuff Reverse Martingale Type Expert Advisor

    Title: Reverse_v5D Currency Pair: GBP/USD Timeframe: H1 Compatibility: Only MT4 Reverse EA has the following minimum deposit requirements: – Safe mode $3000 ($300 for micro and $30 for cent accounts) – Normal mode $2000 ($200 for micro and $20 for cent accounts) – Aggressive mode $1000...
  2. T

    New Forex Stuff Free Trial Version of Expert Advisor

    Timeframe: H1 Lots Size: 0.01 to 0.10 Currency Pairs: All Best Results With: GBP/USD Compatibility: Only MT4 Free Trial Version: Full Version:
  3. S

    Bogus sales advisor names Neil Davis claiming to work for Axicorp

    Everyone out there thinking of opening a trading account please be aware of this person.He goes by the name of Neil Davis.He claims to work for Axicorp.First of all I received a call from a mobile no. on whats app-alarm no.1.Secondly a man claiming to be Neil Davis who talked with an Eastern...
  4. Vadym1

    M5 scalping, like bmw only robot automatic

    I'm new to trading and I want to buy myself a trading robot and install it on vps. Please advise what to look for in this robot. I tested it on the history strategy tester. Like everyone else, he trades wonderfully for profit ....
  5. J

    Do I need an advisor

    Hello, I am currently new to this and was thinking about getting the help of an advisor... Does it worth it ? And how do I know if he is trustworthy ? I took a look at the Bahamas SIA registrant ... The 2018 page is set as dangerous by my computer...