1. U

    AIRPASS or Scam. Featuring Mr Liu and a Girl!

    As many here like me were deceived, here is my little short story! I met online this girl called, Aiwei and was claiming to live in Wenzhou, China. This was from "OKCupid, or Tinder" not sure. The girl didn't act cheap at all but very sweet and humble which got me confused and will confuse...
  2. osteodoc

    Be careful with a platform, called AIRPASS or

    I have been suggested to post here again to inform you guys to prevent further possible victims. As for my case, they trade only with VTCUSD sector. The analyst's name is known as Mr.Liu in Hongkong, guessing predominantly working with the company AIRPASS. The girl's name i met online was...
  3. greenkomodo

    Problem Is this a classic Tinder scam? -

    Found a girl on Tinder from HK and supposdely living in my city London. We talk here and there, limited language barrier. She mentions she is a trader and sends me screenshots of the money she is making. She then asks me if I can do a trade with her because she 'needs to visit the embassay'. So...