algorates invest

  1. A is SCAM

    i start with algorates from 3-2014 and every thing was good trading performance and withdrawals now delayed withdrawal and they act on purpose lose clients money they well till Dec2014 then they take huge risk and i ask them many times to stop trading they still continue check...
  2. A

    Algorates - DON'T go there!

    $5000 in their Gold fund last November, traded ok for a couple of months then BOOM last week! Now only $80 left. Attached pdf of trading history too. And they don't reply to my emails or return my calls.
  3. Z

    Algorates again!

    I have also has this problem with Algorates as there are already post about this company. Luckily my investment was smaller than other peoples (~$4500) but they also lost ~$2000 in a few weeks. Then, my "on line trading account screen" went to -$139 overnight! There are no positions open and...