1. Stratos

    Algotechs - BeAlgo scam search for victims

    Dear all according with the news we have up to now is that sheme of algotechs and bealgo and also a lot of other connected companies as upay card has been expand at a lot of countries in all europe and abroad . Possible base of the organization is Bulgaria. Who have lost money from this fraud...
  2. M / scheme presented themselves as developers of the software for algorithmic / automatic forex trading, while BeAlgo was the broker they used. I started investing with this scheme from January 2018. Money transfers were done to UPC Consulting Ltd. (bank Kobenhavn Andelskasse, Denmark) and...
  3. J and are scammer money launderers, request them to give back my money

    Hello, Companies involved: claimed to be a algorithmic EUR USD Forex trading company. Their broker is Background: I started investing with from March 2018. In 1 year, the returns had almost doubled. Suddenly in beginning of April 2019, they turned my...
  4. A

    My problem with Algotechs and BeAlgo

    Algotechs and Bealgo are a big SCAM!! Do NOT make the mistake of investing with them! They are the ultimate scam artist. They let you make a few small withdraw but as soon as you want to make a big withdraw they start popping up huge "fake" trades and lots size with big leverage that run your...
  5. C

    Algotech - Bealgo = HUGE scam artists!!!

    Just found out today that after trusting Algotech and my "keen to top up my account manager friend Shon" scammed me out of some serious invested money!!! Luckily I only invested a small portion of what could have been a disastrous loss!!! I also had a couple of very good friends lined up with...
  6. A


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  7. asinha

    FX Scam Algotechs ( ) and BeAlgo (

    They claim to be a leading international algo trading company . They uses a broker called One can use bealgo website to deposit money to the broker. They claim that they would take 30% of the profit and money can be withdrawn at any time. Bealgo also provides MT4 where one can see...