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    A shady operation called Alldayoption

    I am dealing with a shady operation called Alldayoption ( where I have experienced very similar circumstances. Alldayoption are sharing the same registered London address (I wont say office as it's probably just a name plaque on the wall somewhere) as Everyoption: i.e. 2nd...
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    I got the same bad experience with AllDayOption. At Jul 7 2016, Jonathan Anderson the Chief Broker of ADO called me for a secured contract to trade for GB event, I deposited $5k on that day, but my account got zeroed by next day on Jul 8, all my account of $9.7k were gone. I called them on Jul 8...
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    AllDayOptions Scam broker - Withdrawal Issues

    I received a call from Mr. Dylan Cooper from AllDayOptions on 28 Dec 2015 regarding an investment opportunity with AllDayOptions. I invested 5000 USD on 28 Dec 2015 and he placed the trades on Amazon and it was a successful trade. I submitted all the documents to AllDayOptions Compliance team...