1. The Punisher

    Exposing JQL Markets, Zero Time Point (ZTP), Prize Markets, Sengela Trding, AmbrySun, ATMarkets, Hota International

    Some of these companies are new and some have already been reported however these fake companies are being ran by three main individuals and this is an attempt to get everything into a single thread. If you have been scammed by these companies please reply to this thread as I am in contact with...
  2. W

    Tinder- Ambrysun - SunrocIndustrial live

    Hello A few weeks ago I matched on tinder with a guy from Macao, whose parents(apperently) live in Germany and he just left for Macao, but wants to come back as soon as it's possible. We spoke on whatsapp every day, nice conversations. Sent pictures, some voicemail. VC via WhatsApp is not...
  3. D


    Hello All, One month ago I met a girl, which we started to talk about business and investments. She gave me lots advice about Bitcoin and I decided to start my studies and open an account. She told me to open my wallet in a company in Hong Kong which she has her account and we could use the...