1. S


    i have an account with anyoption since 23/01/2015, i deposited and started trading, i am in profit after some days (June/2015) and then i came to know that i am unable to take trades, i have contacted many times to support of anyoption, but they are not helping in anyway. my account was suddenly...
  2. K - IS - SCAM !!!

    :confused::confused::mad: i was trading with anyoption continuously since December /2104 my account was closed suddenly without any notice in this month (June/2015).i have $215 in my account.nobody responding and explain what has happened.this is pure scam.:mad:
  3. K SCAM !!!!!

    [SCAM /SCAM / SCAM HI, i was opened a account with anyoption since December/2014 with $ account was approved with ID proof and address Proof by Nataly 29/June/2015 my account was suddenly closed without any proper reason.i have $220 in my account as a balanced.when i contact...
  4. V

    Complaint by a multi involving more multies - anyoption I do not refund after platform crash

    I deposit in platform in October and I found the problems to the platform, which led me to see double positions, and that led me to the loss of capital, I promptly reported the problem to them but their compliance department after telling me that they would seek a peaceful...
  5. VANE20

    Complaint by a Multi - ANY OPTIONS SCAM

    is a subsidiary of and my affiliated Edi Bain manager is trying to cheat me, I contacted their other affiliates who witnessed me being they too have been cheated by the affiliations department of this company, help me to stop this fraud
  6. Anyoption Scam

    GUILTY Case# 2016-141 | Anyoption Scam vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have sent 5000 GBP deposit. My profit was 31.000 GBP. After requesting withdrawal, they simply closed my account. I haven't got my deposit and my profit back. I asked them what was the...
  7. E

    Anyoption avoids profits and close accounts

    Hello, I have problems with the broker ANYOPTION, please guys stay away from these scammers, they are licensed by the authorities but this mean nothing. I have opened an account last month with an initial deposit of 250 euro, I made some profits and last week I decided to ask the withdraw of...
  8. Anyoption Scam

    ANYOPTION.COM - Price manipulation - Closed accounts - EVIDENCES !!! MUST SEE !!!

    Hi everyone I don't need words just please check out my evidences.